Small Batch America was founded in 2013 by music industry veteran Tom Monday.

After working in the music, media and tech industries helping artists and brands find and grow their audiences, he turned his focus to the exciting independent food and drink movement.

Through original web content, unique curated events, meaningful activations, and other exciting projects, Small Batch America provides insight and opportunities for indie food and drink makers and those who work with them.

That’s the plan, plain and simple.


Before launching Small Batch America, Tom Monday spent his career working at the intersection of music, media, and technology- connecting bands, brands, and fans in posts with No Depression, LimeWire, and Billboard. He’s been a featured speaker at SXSW, MIDEM, CMJ, EMP, and the GRAMMY Foundation. He loves living in Brooklyn, but admits to having a thing for the Pacific Northwest and missing his Kentucky roots.

“With all the changes in the music industry, I’ve seen indie musicians become very entrepreneurial- making, distributing, marketing, and selling their own products. That same entrepreneurial, DIY spirit is shared by this new generation of small batch food and drink makers and it’s fueling something of an indie food and drink revolution.”                      –Tom Monday




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