Gathered News for April 17 2013


Artisanal ice cream sandwiches peddled (pedaled?) on retro Good Humor bicycles debut in DC, thanks to CreamCyle


TechCrunch reports that Relay Foods, an online grocer with a focus on local, sustainable, and artisanal goods has landed $8M+ in funding to expand.


We’re big fans of the term “bottle shop”, so it’s great to hear that they’re popping up everywhere and driving craft beer sales


The idea of trading backyard garden’s surplus for some Modern Gingham Preserves sounds pretty damn great


Vodka made from milk just doesn’t sound appealing, but fashionable forecasters Vogue, Wallpaper, and Monocle have taken an interest.


Yay for Vermont and shame on Texas for their “Locavore Index” rankings. Although we find it a bit curious that the organization behind the study is Vermont-based.


“Small batch” before “small batch” was a thing- Haverstraw, NY-based Lucas Candies has been at it for 117 years and gets some love from Forbes (warning: this piece contains some artisan-bashing)



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