Taste Testing Brooklyn Goods with Rosie Thomas



If singer-songwriter Rosie Thomas were a superhero, her superpower would be the ability to connect emotionally and genuinely with just about anyone- or any thing- with her songs. The music she makes- either solo or with collaborators like Iron & Wine and Damien Jurado– is crafted and delivered with so much heart that it’s near impossible not to feel a connection. And like all good superheroes, Rosie Thomas actually has an alter ego- the hilarious, heartbreaking/heartwarming Shelia Saputo character that recently toured with Sufjan Stevens.

We recently met up with Rosie at Choice Greene, one of Brooklyn’s best artisanal markets, and filled her bag with a selection of Brooklyn-made goods thoughtfully hand-picked by the market’s Jessica LaShier from their awesome “Brooklyn Born & Raised” section.

Once home, Rosie sampled and shared the bounty with visiting pals like Charity Rose Thielen from The Head and the Heart. Then she sent us the incredible pictures and hilarious, honest thoughts below. Oh, and there’s a track from her latest album With Love at the end of the post….enjoy!



SlantShack Jerky / Hot and Smoky Beef JerkyGood beef jerky is hard to find. Thankfully this one found it’s way to me! The heat is not overpowering, but enough to let you know it’s there. I found it was the most satisfying when I put it all in my mouth at once.


Whimsy & Spice / Coconut Five Spice White Chocolate CookiesSlightly cheaper vacation idea – just buy these cookies. It’s like Hawaii in the mouth.

RT C_cookies

Kitten Coffee / Brazil BlendSince moving to Brooklyn from Seattle, we’re always on the lookout for a decent coffee roaster, and haven’t been overwhelmed with options. This is a solid roast. You can huff it too!

Nunu Chocolates / Bacon Toffee Crunch Chocolate Bar– I’d eat this as a breakfast bar! Bacon AND chocolate. Good morning America!


Granola Lab / Activation Energy GranolaWow, this tasty granola is powerful stuff! After finishing the bag, I stayed up 48hrs straight, and wrote a thesis – and I’m not even in school! Ok, turns out there’s coffee in the granola. Multi-tasking!


Ovenly / Old SaltiesSalty peanuts indeed. When in doubt, cook everything in bacon! Can’t loose.


Kale Factory / Cherry Chai Greenola Maybe the oldest kale salad I’ve ever had. Wait, my bad. This is kale granola. Ok, I’m coming around. Almost has a seaweed, ocean-y taste. Salty and fruity. Just how I like my sailors!



Photos by Tom Monday and Jeff Shoop

Illustration by Carey Blackmore

Products provided by Choice Brooklyn


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